Ayurveda is a 5000 year old medical system from India approved by United Nations as scientific method of medicine.

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We deal with Arthritis /Joint Disorders with special focus on diseases like Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, etc. Osteoarthritis is commonly seen in females. Other risk factors of this disease include extra body weight, stress, bone deformities, old age etc

Pain, swelling, stiffness, heaviness, burning sensation, etc are some of the common problems associated with Joints, affecting the mobility of body. There are many causes for Joint disorders and based on the cause, presenting symptoms classification, nomenclature of the condition is done.

Ayurveda clearly differentiates each and every condition with its cause – pathogenesis and symptomatology. Advocates specific line of treatment comprising safe and effective medicines prepared by herbal sources, along with Diet and Lifestyle modifications and finally some need based external therapies.

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About Dr. Girish Kumar




Clinical registrar, Scientist E and Senior Assistant professor

Works as Clinician, Researcher and Academician

Areas of expertise

  • As a Clinician, he has Expertise in treating various health conditions using holistic approach of Ayurveda.
  • His expertise specially goes in the field of Musculo-skeletal disorders (Arthritis – joint pains, sciatica, etc)
  • In addition he has Expertise in treating health conditions like Haemorrhoids (piles), Gastritis (Ulcers), Respiratory problems (Wheezing, sinusitis, etc), Diabetics, Hypertension and also in the Men’s Health with special reference to ED (Erectile dysfunction).
  • As an Academician, he has Expertise in developing Innovative educational programs in the area of Ayurveda, Traditional medicine for lay men, college students, medical and para-medical professions across the globe.

Brief profile

  • He has been a very active participant in voluntary health services like conducting Medical camps from his student career.
  • Has participated in more than 100 medical camps, which includes four 10 days annual NSS camps held at rural parts of Karnataka.
  • Has published articles in International & National journals. Authored a user guide on “Herbal remedies for Primary health care” helping laymen to prepare small scale medicine preparation at home, using easily accessible and affordable medicinal plant parts in & around kitchen for self-reliance and management of Primary health conditions.
  • As an International trainer, he has been visiting multiple continents to teach Ayurveda. He has delivered classes and talk in Bolivia, Chile, Bulgaria, Singapore, Thailand, Srilanka, etc countries.
  • Currently running successful skill development training program for rural youths in the area of Panchakarma. In Yoga trainings, trained more than 400+ therapists with 100% placements.


English, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Sanskrit.


More than 10 years of experience at FRLHT-IAIM-TDU.

Overall, 17 years clinical and 12 years of teaching experience.

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